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Double-sided panels are made of sizing and sizing. Its structure is mainly divided into the bottom layer, the core layer, the lining layer, the surface layer and the coating layer. The underside of the whiteboard paper is gray in color. It is made with deinking of waste newspaper, so the ingredients of the bottom layer are very mixed; the surface is white, a thin coating surface mixed with chemical raw materials such as kaolin powder, binders, etc. The surface layer (coated surface) has high whiteness, good ink absorption, good flatness, good printing gloss, good stiffness and good folding resistance of the cardboard itself. After the surface of the double-sided paper has been coated, the surface properties have been greatly improved. It can meet the requirements of high-quality color printing, and can be used as a high-quality material for middle and high-end commodity packaging boxes.


Foling boxboard is a thicker, stronger, white cardboard. It is made from 100% bleached kraft wood pulp that is free-beating. It is made by adding white fillers such as talcum powder and barium sulfate on a Fourdrinier paper machine, and then calendering or embossing.

There are still obvious differences between double-sided and FBB in water absorption and roughness. FBB has high absorption and low roughness. Higher absorbency may result in easier dot gain, while lower roughness results in less surface deformation of the paper under printing pressure and a thinner ink film, which helps reduce dot gain. Therefore, the double-sided board is not as good as the FBB in terms of sound reproduction.


Paper smoothness, gloss and water absorption are also important factors. FBB has a relatively high surface finish. When the ink is printed on the paper, the capillary in the coating absorbs evenly, which guarantees a high transfer rate even with a small amount of ink. It is basically stable and can quickly form a uniform and dry ink film. The prints are glossy, colorful and layered. The paper has high smoothness, strong specular reflection and good gloss. When the light passes through the ink layer and hits the paper, most of the light will re-penetrate the ink layer in the form of specular reflection and enter the viewer’s field of vision. Eye. Only this part of light can reflect the color properties of the ink. On the other hand, the surface porosity of the double-sided board is relatively large, the surface is uneven, the amount of ink is small, the paper cannot fully contact the printing ink, and the transfer rate is low; when the amount of ink is large, the transfer rate is quite high, the absorption is too much, and most of the ink The binder is absorbed by the paper, the pigment particles are not adequately protected, the ink is not applied quickly, and the coloring is dull.


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