Food Safety Issues with Food Boxes

Food safety is an interdisciplinary field that specifically discusses how all parties can ensure food hygiene and food safety, reduce potential disease risks and prevent food poisoning in the steps of food processing, food preservation and sales. Food poisoning is defined as two or two people. A case of food poisoning occurs when more than one person ingests the same food and develops similar symptoms. If symptoms of poisoning are caused by botulinum toxin and botulinum toxin is detected from human body, the same type of pathogenic bacteria or toxin is detected from suspicious food samples, or it is inferred by epidemiological investigation that it is caused by ingested food. Cause, even if only one person, is considered a case of food poisoning. If acute poisoning (such as chemical substance or natural toxin poisoning) is caused by ingesting food, even if there is only one person, it is regarded as a food poisoning case. When food is sold from the processing end to the market, the government needs to formulate a set of guidelines considering the source of the food, such as: food labeling, food hygiene, food additives and pesticide or animal drug residues, and biotechnology policies and other related regulations. To manage food, import and export of food should also be checked by a good inspection and certification system. Food goes from the market to the consumer, where it should generally be safe, and the concern is how it is delivered safely and ready to be delivered to the consumer. The researcher conducts risk analysis of items that may cause consumer health hazards through scientific methods, and then formulates control measures to ensure food safety. Food safety measures are used to eliminate or reduce risks to consumers’ lives and health. It is food safety. core.
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Pathogens can be spread through food and can cause illness or death in humans or animals. The main agents are bacteria, viruses, molds and fungi, which pathogens use to grow and multiply. In developing countries, there are very fine regulations for preparing food, but in less developed countries, there are not many requirements for preparing food, and even fewer actually meet the standards. Another major issue is simply the availability of adequate safe water, which is often a key factor in the spread of disease. In theory, food poisoning is 100% preventable, but due to the large number of people involved in the food supply chain, no matter how many preventive measures are taken, pathogens can be introduced into food, so 100% prevention cannot be achieved. According to WHO, the five main aspects of food hygiene are
The principle is:
1. Prevent pathogens from entering food from humans, animals and pests.
2. Raw and cooked food should be handled separately using different utensils to avoid cross-contamination.
3. To heat thoroughly, cook food at the proper temperature and heating time to kill pathogens.
4. Pay attention to the storage temperature of food and store it at an appropriate temperature.
5. Use safe water sources and raw materials that comply with laws and regulations.
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