Biodegradation technology of coated paper

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In the past, the perfluorinated substance PFAS coated on the inner surface of some food packaging had certain carcinogenicity, so many paper fast food packaging manufacturers turned to coating the surface of the paper with a layer of PE, PP, EVA, sarin and other resin plastic films to achieve The purpose of waterproof and oil-proof, to avoid the harm to human health caused by perfluorinated substances. But in the natural environment, like PFAS, the molecular structure of these plastic films is relatively stable and cannot be degraded, thus causing white plastic pollution.


Therefore, some companies have developed (anaerobic + marine) biodegradation technology for polymer materials (such as plastics, rubber, chemical fibers), which can achieve landfill biodegradation, marine biodegradation and composting degradation.

(Anaerobic + marine) biodegradation technology has the lowest cost, the addition amount is only 1%, the cost is only increased by 20%-30%, and the original processing materials, production equipment, processes, and comprehensive properties of materials do not need to be changed. In contrast, the cost of fully biodegradable technologies such as PLA, PBAT, PBS, and PHA will increase by at least 1-2 times, and the overall performance of the finished product cannot reach that of traditional plastics. In the production process, raw materials, production equipment, production processes, etc. all need to be changed and adjusted.


Anaerobic biodegradable masterbatch is an organic masterbatch that introduces plastic into the microbial degradation stage through chemical activities caused by bacteria (mainly anaerobic bacteria), leaving only carbon dioxide, methane and humic substances, of which methane can be recycled as clean energy Utilized, the humus can be used as fertilizer. After adding anaerobic biodegradable masterbatch to plastic, it can be biodegraded by anaerobic reaction in landfill or degraded in sea water.

Anaerobic microbial degradation occurs all the time in nature and is not easy to detect because the process is very slow. However, the addition of an anaerobic biodegradable masterbatch can greatly speed up the degradation process of solid organic plastics. Anaerobic biodegradable masterbatches allow plastics to complete four stages of degradation at higher rates.


The characteristics and outstanding advantages of the coated paper (anaerobic + marine) biodegradation technology:
1. Safe and clean. This technology can be used as a carbon source for anaerobic microorganisms in an anaerobic environment. After enzymatic action, until the organic solid carbon source is digested, it fully meets the green product requirements of garbage classification.
2. There is no need to replace the production equipment, and there is no need to invest in new major production equipment.
3. It does not affect the performance of raw materials, and does not increase the cost too much.
4. Not subject to the limitation of product shelf life and storage period.
5. It can be recycled.

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Post time: Sep-22-2022